Acne Bootcamp 

What is Acne Bootcamp?

Acne Bootcamp is a strict and highly informative 3+ month program for acne sufferers where you walk hand in hand with your Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist as we guide you on the path to clear skin. You will learn in depth information about the skin condition of Acne as well as customized information based on your unique acne type and characteristics. The program includes a combination of customized skincare & treatments to bring you to your goal of clear skin and most importantly, show you how to maintain it. ​


What is Acne?

Acne is a disease of the pores. It can be caused by certain drugs, medications or exposure to chemicals but most acne is an inherited tendency. Dead skin cells shed too quickly in the acne-prone pore, forming a plug along with sebum and hair. This is where the problem begins. If the body doesn’t see the plug as an invader, it remains as a non-inflamed lesion, also known as a blackhead. If it does, the plug turns into pimples, pustules and cysts.


All photos are real results from our clients

How do you get started?

Please complete our Acne Bootcamp Waitlist form. When we have openings, you will be contacted for booking opportunities.


What happens during your first appointment?

Your first appointment is approximately 75 - 90 minutes, it's a long one! Come prepared to learn in depth about Acne. Try not to be overwhelmed with all of the new information, you will receive a packet with everything we discuss in it plus more for you to take home!

You will then lay down and watch a video from Face Reality which discusses Acne in great detail while we perform a completely painless skin analysis to gather information on your unique skin.

During your skin analysis we will be determining your skins unique characteristics and designing a product and treatment regimen specifically for your skin and acne type.

Once your video is finished, we will discuss the results of your skin analysis, and go over your new custom regimen and how you will use it.

We will then discuss the plan for your treatment schedule and help you book those appointments. Before you leave we will make sure you aren't left with any questions for us at the moment, and then send you on your new skin journey!

New custom skincare regimens will be based upon each individual clients needs and can range anywhere from $150 - $250. This consists of anywhere from 4 - 7 products total. This cost will be in addition to your Acne Bootcamp Consultation price at your first appointment. Acne Bootcamp Treatments during the program are performed as frequently as each individual client needs and are $90.

It is imperative when treating a condition as challenging as Acne that you have the right products to do the job effectively and ethically, we can guarantee that with Face Reality products.

As your acne specialist we are here to walk this journey WITH you.

We will be checking in on you routinely and after all treatments to ensure we are seeing the progress we both want. We want you to contact us any time you have questions.

Thank you for considering us to join you on this life changing path to clear skin.
Seeing renewed confidence in our clients through their results is absolutely one of the best parts of this career.
Get excited!