**Before booking, please check the "before and after your service" page for pre and post treatment information, and to ensure you're a good candidate for the service.

Consultation + Treatment

This service is reserved for first time skin service clients only. This is a thorough consultation and your first professional treatment with me. We will fully evaluate your skin, discuss long term goals, at home care, and you will receive a service completely customized to your skins needs. Pricing based on service chosen at appointment. Please come with a clean face and bring all of your skincare from home.
$150+ | 90 mins


This service is an in person consultation where we will fully evaluate your skin and its concerns, discuss long term goals, at home care, discuss treatments you would benefit from, and book those for a future date if you wish. Please come with a freshly cleansed face and bring all of your skincare from home.
$60 | 45 mins

Hydrofacial | Level 1

The most effective treatment for clients who wish to change the appearance and feel of their skin immediately.
Our Hydrofacials are unique, including a combination of hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion. This treatment is designed to pull all impurities from the skin while exfoliating, extracting, and infusing specialized serums back into the entire face and neck.
*Gentle and safe for all skin types
*Relaxing vacuum massage & lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and encourage renewal deep within the skin
*Extraction of damaged skin cells and impurities
*Pore refining
*Decreases hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and acne scarring
*Powerful technology to maximize the absorption of beneficial nutrients
*Cooling oxygen infusion to top it off which provides a glowing finish and deep soothing hydration

Hydrofacial | Level 2

Our level 2 Hydrofacial includes all of the benefits of level 1, with more time added for relaxing and beneficial upgrades.

Hydrofacial | Level 3

Our level 3 Hydrofacial includes all of the benefits of levels 1 & 2, with more time added for relaxing and beneficial upgrades.
This exclusive facial is the perfect combination of maximum skin benefits and relaxation

Custom 60 Minute Treatment

Not sure what your skin needs right now? That's where my expertise comes in to guide you.
My philosophy is that every time you receive a treatment it should be beneficial to your current overall skin, mind, and body health, meaning complete customization.
This is a custom 60 minute treatment including infinite options to achieve relaxation & results.

Custom 75 Minute Treatment

This is the 60 minute treatment extended.
The upgraded time choice means more time we have to focus on your unique needs as well as extra forms of relaxation.

Custom 90 Minute Treatment

This is the ultimate custom treatment option for your skin. This extended version allows for ample time to work on your skin as well a plenty of relaxing aspects to completely soothe your mind and body.

The Zen One

Are you looking for ultimate relaxation and tons of massage? This treatment is just that.
The zen one treatment is relaxation and massage focused in every single step, while still including all of the aspects that make a treatment beneficial for your skin.
We always want a facial to make us glow, but sometimes we need something to make us glow a little more from the inside too, this treatment aims to do just that.
$125 | 75 mins

The Oxygen One

This luxurious treatment involves oxygenated products from start to finish. Bacteria cannot survive in oxygen, and there is no glow like the one you get from it as well. Oxygen treatments are primarily the type that celebrities receive before big events, and for good reason, the benefits are amazing.
Intense hydration and plumping, elimination of deep pore bacteria, improvement of the skins elasticity, evening tone, diminishing pores, smooth texture - this is the perfect facial to treat yourself to before a special occasion, or just because you deserve it.
$125 | 75 mins


This highly popular exfoliation treatment uses a surgical blade to comfortably and safely remove the top layer of dead skin cells and vellous hair. As a result this will increase product absorption, provide anti-aging benefits, keep acne at bay, brighten the skin, and create a baby smooth canvas for makeup application.
Oil-planing is also available for mature, sensitive, or dry skin types. One treatment will have you hooked, it's a proven fact. This treatment includes the full face and neck, as well as an enzyme add on to aid in maximum results.
Dermaplaning can also be added on to facials, hydrofacials, and peels. Contact us to see if this upgrade would be beneficial to you before booking if interested.
$75 | 45 mins

Chemical Peel

An advanced service, a customized for you chemical peel which targets any and all skin concerns. There are many types of chemical peels, some work superficially, while some work to correct deeper more advanced skin issues. They perform great as maintenance a few times or year, or they can stunningly correct major skin concerns when being used in a series. Ask about peel packages if you're interested in truly transforming your skin. The price of peel increases based on intensity and type.
$90+ | 45 mins

Nano-Peel Skin Infusion

Think of this as an advanced peel, being infused into your skin at an increase of up to 97% for better absorption, showing boosted results. An innovate, non-invasive transdermal delivery system designed to help the peel penetrate down into the layers of the skin and work towards correcting what your skin calls for. There are multiple types of peels we can infuse, we will choose which will be most beneficial for you at your treatment.
$150 | 60 mins

Protein Lift Oxygen Therapy

Achieve incredible lifting and firming with this Protein Lift Oxygen Therapy treatment. CBD + Super Protein Masque, increases the cardiovascular system, helping to oxygenate tired skin cells to lift, firm, and tighten the skin.
$180 | 90 mins


Do you want smooth, even skin that you can be confident in without a drop of makeup? This is the skin changing service that will get you there.
Microneedling, also known as microchanneling, collagen induction therapy, or skin needling, is a treatment which uses a method of stamping small needles into the skin to initiate a healing response which results in major skin changing results. A numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment which leaves you with little to no discomfort. This treatment targets more advanced skin concerns and sets you on the fast track to correcting them. It can be done as maintenance to ensure longevity of healthy skin, or done in a series of treatments to correct imperfections and accomplish a even glowing canvas, and then maintained afterwards.
To set our service a step above the rest, we also have an upgrade option of using advanced Microneedling solutions that contain pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines derived from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the specialized cells that science has determined function as “command and control” of healing in all injured tissues. These products contain no cells or cell remnants. They are removed during ultrafiltration, the final step in the laboratory culture process. These solutions can also target specific concerns such as anti-aging, brightening, or clarifying.
Includes a hydrojelly masque, cool globe massage, and any remainder of serum used to take home.
Skin concerns improved with CIT:
*Fine lines and wrinkles
*Dull skin and sagging skin
*Enlarged pores, acne & surgical scars (more than 6 months old)
*Stretch marks
*Naso-labial lines and smokers lines
*Sun damage and hyperpigmentation


FACE | $200


Packages of 4-6 treatments are recommended | contact for pricing



Nano infusion involves a pen like device similar to microneedling, but the tips have multiple pyramid-like designs made in a microscopic size. The diameter is thinner than one single strand of human hair, and almost invisible to the naked eye. This allows for a safe treatment where we stamp active beneficial ingredients into the upper layers of the skin with no down-time and no numbing cream needed.
Think of nano infusion as microneedlings little sister! If you'd like to try microneedling but aren't ready to make the jump, or don't have advanced skin concerns to correct with microneedling, this is the treatment for you.
Includes a hydrojelly mask, cool globe massage, and take home serum.
*Creates nano channels to increase the effectiveness of serums into the epidermis by up to 97%
*Stimulates collagen production
*Reduces the appearance of fine lines
*Softens and breaks apart superficial acne scars
*Improves overall skin tone and texture
*Give you an undeniably renewed canvas and glow
*No downtime

Can be added onto any custom facial, the zen one, and the oxygen one. You must contact us to add this on to your service.

FACE | $125



Hydrojelly Mask *add on only*

A cooling, soothing, jelly like mask which is customizable for every skin concern. These masks create a comfortable and calming vacuum like seal over the face that pushes the beneficial ingredients into the skin. Enhanced with a roller massage on top of the mask for even more relaxation. Can be added to any skin service.

Brow Shaping

For new clients and clients who have gone over 6 weeks between brow waxes. We will need to have ample time to get your brows back to their perfect shape! Includes a detailed wax/tweeze, trim, fill, highlight, and mini brow massage.

Brow Shape + Tint

Everything included in a regular brow shaping appointment, but kicked up a notch with a tint customized to your preferences which will enhance your results.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination technique corrects eyebrow hair growing in different directions, reshaping the hair to lay how you prefer. It can create the illusion of almost double the amount of hair, giving your brows a fuller more flattering shape while opening up the eyes. Also commonly known as the popular "fluffy" brow look. It is common to add a tint onto this service. This service includes a complimentary brow shaping and scalp massage if desired.

Hybrid Brows

A long lasting tint that stains the skin for up to 7 days and the hair for up to 7 weeks. Hybrid tint is completely customizable based on your color/tone preference.
This service includes a complementary brow shaping. Hybrid tints are bolder than regular tint, yet not as bold as henna. A wonderful option for everyone!

Henna Brows

A natural henna tint that “stains” the skin and colors the hair, customized to your color preference. This service includes a complementary brow shaping. Henna tints create more of a bold, rich, filled in brow effect that lasts up to 14 days on the skin and 5+ weeks on the hair depending on skin condition and aftercare. Double the length of a regular brow tint.

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