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dermaplane info.

Dermaplane Contraindications:

  • skin cancer

  • current inflamed acne lesions

  • uncontrolled diabetes

  • open skin lesions

  • dermatitis

  • use of prescription Retinols within a week of treatment

  • use of Accutane curently or in the past 6 months

How to prepare for your Dermaplane treatment:

  • shower prior to your treatment, as it will be recommended to avoid excessive heat after

  • discontinue any manual or chemical exfoliants 3-5 days prior to your treatment (retinols or vitamin A derivatives, exfoliating serums, enzymes, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, facial polishes, or scrubs)

  • avoid direct sun exposure for 5-7 days prior to your treatment

  • schedule botox or filler a minimum of 4 days after your treatment

  • schedule facial waxing 1-2 weeks prior to your treatment

  • reschedule your appointment if you have open wounds, cold sores, or multiple raised acne lesions. If you're prone to cold sores an antiviral may be recommended pre and post treatment

  • wait 6 months after completion of Accutane to receive a dermaplan service

  • get excited for your new addiction!

After care of your Dermaplane treatment:

  • allow your skin to fully breathe for at least 12 hours. 24 hours is strongly suggested.

  • after 24 hours has passed if you must wear makeup, mineral makeup is suggested

  • avoid heat, saunas, hot tubs, hot showers, exercising of any kind, sweating, excessive physical activity for 24 hours

  • avoid products containing exfoliants (as listed in the pre-care above) for 3-5 days after treatment

  • you may resume the rest of your regular skin care routine 24 hours after treatment

  • the day of your treatment, leave your skin be for the remainder of the day. the next morning cleanse with a gentle cleanser and make sure to wear sunscreen as always

  • enjoy your baby smooth skin!