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amazon faves

I get asked what I use in the treatment room and also at home a lot, here is a page of some of my Amazon favorites! As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I've purchased all of these exact items and I'm a big fan of 2 day shipping. I love tons of pro sites and products but Amazon plays a huge role in my life for certain products also. I hope you guys find something on here that would be useful for you as well!

I love these things! I use one at the salon and tell it to turn on and off my plug ins there. It makes turning off all of my electronics there super easy, and best of all, I can turn on my wax pot from home with this!

My preferred gloves. I stay away from latex gloves because it's a common allergy, and I love smooth gloves for when i'm massaging clients, plus white is just aesthetically pleasing :)!

I'm a huge fan of trying to keep your body healthy and our profession tends to be really tough on our bodies. These are awesome for lash artists to maintain finger and wrist health.

I posted this once on my story and still get asked about it! I love this for earring storage

Lash brushes/mascara wands/brow brushes/ all of the above. I love fun color combos.

I use this to shake my lash glue thoroughly in the mornings.

I've used tons of undereye tape for lashing over the years and this is by far my fave. It's sensitive and doesn't stick to clients natural lashes and tug on them, but stays in place perfectly. I've found a keeper with this stuff!

These are the wax sticks i've been using for years. I like them because they're small and can be super precise. They're pretty long so I cut them in half and it doubles usage, no double dipping guys!

I use these wands specifically when doing brow laminations. When perfoming that service you must be careful not to irritate the skin because of product being placed on it. These wont disrupt the skin since they're silicone.

This is my main lash humidifier that I use most all year round. I love how slim and sleek it is. Its super easy to clean, has a remote, has multiple settings for convenience, and is tall which keeps the floor around it from getting wet. I highly recommend this investment!

I get lots of questions on these. Under eye pads during lashing are so important! I've been using these for years and can't say enough about them. They stay in place, don't irritate clients, amazing.

These disinfectant wipes are a must have for me daily. Keeping the treatment room clean is super important of course and these make cleansing surfaces a breeze!

I've seen these all over lash sites but found this one with a artist cut out for your legs, super necessary! So easy to clean, visually pleasing, and helps hide under the bed storage.

I've used quite a few nanomisters over the years but i've had this one for almost a year now. Can you guys tell I love white sleek things :) - it's rechargable, and easy to clean!

I use this little mixer for henna. If you've used henna you know that it must be mixed very well to give desired results. This little guy takes mixing time way down.

One of my favorite purchases and also an item I get questions about frequently. My ringlight is attached to the end of this and this attaches to the wall. It's so easy to move around and makes lighting for pictures and over a client much easier to maneuver. Highly recommend this if you use a ringlight.

I love these leg rest pillows for lash clients, they help with back pain and increase circulation while laying flat for an extended period of time

Lash artists, you NEED this. I love stretching back wards on this to help open up my chest and alleviate the back pain of hunching over all day.

A hygrometer is a must have for measuring temp and humidity which is key when lashing. I've had this hygrometer for 2 years and its still working amazing! Mountable, fast working, and super accurate.

Best makeup brush cleaner ever. I've used this stuff for years! To clean beauty blenders I use the beauty blender brand cleanser gel but this is my personal fave for brushes

Disinfectant tray to keep your tools in with barbacide, it comes in white also

I wear a face mask during every service. I like to protect myself and my clients from germs and just be mindful of making the experience comfortable for both of us. These are my masks of choice.


One of my favorite color combos

I love these in the spring and summer

One more because clients love pink!

A must have. I like to always purchase again when I open the 2nd bottle to make sure I never run out

Some of the shelves in my treatment room. I love the natural boho vibe

I have these also, they go really well with the previous ones. I opted for the small & large combo option in the nature color.

Letter boards are awesome to have. It's a great way to showcase specials you're changing up, announcements, etc. This one has multiple stand options and pink, gold, and white letters as well as a black or grey background option.

This is the 2nd humidifier I use in my room to control lashing humidity. I love this little guy! It's cute, and keeps the humidity shooting upwards to keep the floor from being wet.